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Luke The Traveller- Dungeons and Dragons :iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 5 6 Vaiden von Faide :iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 2 5
Who's Watching Me?
    Who’s Watching Me?
    A Slender Man Story
Night has dropped its long shadows upon a college, the coolness of the air and crispness of the evening evidence of autumn’s approach. On this particular night, a class was getting out early, with the student’s professor jovially telling them all to get out of his classroom. The bulk of the students who were in the classroom left together, with one or two stragglers leaving at their own pace.
One such student is a young man with blonde, curly hair, and blue-green eyes. He stood about 5'11" or so, wearing a long black, wool coat with a red button hole on his left collar, a multicolored scarf of green, greyish-blue, yellow, berry, rust orange, a greyish-white, and dark brown, a navy blue t-shirt, black jeans, and black, all terrain shoes. He carried his book bag over his right shoulder as he lively jumped down the stair case, calling a number in his phone as he went. He waited for the person to pick up o
:iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 0 0
 A Slender Man Story
Night has dropped its shadowy blanket down upon a small neighborhood, and the stars appeared in the dark sky. There were some thin clouds scattered throughout the night sky, and the moon was out. Along a road leading to the neighborhood, an eighteen year old young man was driving to his home after having spent the night at his friend’s house. The time on his vehicle’s clock read 9:07 pm, and the young man was listening to music, which was playing from a red MP3 player that had a cord running from it to an auxiliary port.
The teenager was about 5'10" or 5'11", had blonde curly hair, and blue eyes with a hint of green in them. He wore a dark blue t-shirt, light blue jeans, and black New Balance shoes.
He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, and whistled the tune. The song that was playing was “Running Man” by an artist name Al Stewart. He sang the words that were playing.
“One by one, they
:iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 0 0
Blackness was abundant, and nothing could be seen behind closed eyes. In the darkened path, lying on the ground, was a teenage boy. About seventeen years of age, he had curly blonde hair, wore a white t-shirt, black jeans, and black and white shoes. He was lying face down on the cold, almost metallic feeling floor.
Who knows how long he had been there, or how he got to this labyrinth-like place. This could be a dream, and he’s not really in such a place. However, it could be a real place, which he’s been placed in for whatever reason. Nonetheless, he was there.
Suddenly, his closed eyes slowly opened, to reveal a pair of blue eyes. He shook his head a little, and tiredly looked around him. His weary eyes shot open when he saw his surroundings.
“What the?! Where am I? What is this place?” the teenager asked aloud, in a whispered tone.
He was in the middle of some intersecting corridors. What seemed peculiar
:iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 0 0
Dark Zone
            Dark Zone
My head is pounding and I have a splitting headache. My eyes are closed, however, upon opening them, I find myself in an extremely dark place. My once tired eyes are now fully open in shock and surprise. I had been sprawled out on the cold, metallic feeling floor, but I quickly jump to my feet. I pat the dust off of my shirt and I cast a glance around the place I am in. From what I could tell, I was in the middle of an intersection of several pathways.
The walls that are around me are a very dark blue, almost black color, with a very dark purple tint to them. What really makes my eyebrows rise is that every corner of the walls have some kind of strange, florescent blue glow to them. I walk up to the closest edge and I run my hand on it. I don’t see any kind of light bulb or anything like that causing the glow, which I find odd. As I step back, I hear something screech on the floor.
I look where my right foot is, and to my surpri
:iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 0 0
In The Darkness of a Mine
  In the Darkness of a Mine
Night has fallen on a quiet little village located in a valley surrounded by low mountains. The village is surrounded by mountains from the north to the east, with a natural pathway out of the valley from the west. With the night coming swiftly, the people of the small village turn out their lights, close the shutters on their windows, and get into their beds for their daily rest. The night sky is clear and the full moon shines its silvery rays down upon the sleepy village.
On the outskirts of this small village lies a mine, which was built into the side of the beginning of the mountain range. Since the mine’s creation, the long tunnels and shafts stretch far across the valley, even going underneath the small village. Most of the men and some of the women from the village work in the mine during the day time, but at night, a few people remain inside to make sure that everything is working properly for when the main work force comes back when the s
:iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 1 0
Dear Sister
Dear Sister
Though I know not what your name is,
Though my eyes have never seen thee,
Though my ears your voice never heard,
Though my hands never held yours,
I will always think of you,
I will always hold you dearly in my heart,
And through time and all eternity,
To me you will always be,
My little sister.
I can not see what you’re doing right now,
Though I know it is good.
I know you’re where Our Father sits,
With all the angel host.
I wish I could see you sitting with Jesus,
Your hand warmly in His,
And He is telling you,
“My child, your brother lives.”
I know you’ll be meeting family,
Grandfathers, Grandmothers, and the like,
They’re all smiling and laughing with you,
At a grandchild they get to visit with.
You also get to meet some personal heroes of mine,
Gen. Thomas Jackson, Daniel, St. Luke, St. Paul, Gen. Robert E. Lee and others.
I should say you’re very lucky,
To get to meet all those kind folks,
For I have only heard tales of them,
:iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 0 2
Inside the Chapel
Inside the Chapel
When days grow dark,
When times become hard,
When smiles turn to tears,
And hearts become low,
In the chapel I find my solace.
On a day most drear,
When one close walked away,
My heart’s harbor was found,
Within the comforting walls,
Of God’s house.
I walked inside the quiet room,
In the place God resides,
And sat in peaceful silence,
Communing with the Lord above.
With tears streaming down my cheeks,
I lift my prayers to His throne,
Knowing that He hears,
And He will comfort my heart.
I prayed for such comfort,
For relief from the pain.
His wings encircled me,
His hands rested on my shoulders,
His smile was pointed to me,
And I know that He was there with me.
He gave me friends to make me laugh,
He gave me a family who wanted me back home,
He answered my prayer in so many ways.
In this world with devils filled,
Where people can be cruel,
Where sin runs rampant,
A small chapel is sanctuary to me.
It shields me from the evils of the world,
It gives me a saf
:iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 1 2
Vaiden, Luke, and Archus :iconluke-the-traveller:Luke-The-Traveller 3 9


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Greetings and salutations,

Seeing as how this is my first journal back here, I just wish to thank everyone who is here for being here. Tis most appreciated. ^^ And I'm glad to have you all back. I've been missing you all.

Secondly, had a nice experience the other week out in Texas. The outdoor rec. program here sponsors trips during the semesters (roughly 4-5) where a group of students will go do a lot of awesome outdoor activities. (Hiking/backpacking, canoeing, white water rafting, rock climbing, skiing, kayaking, etc.) This semester, I signed up for the Spring Break Multi-Adventure, where we were originally going to go into Arkansas to the Buffalo River, and spend our week up in that area. However, nature had a different opinion. It snowed, iced, and then the river flooded, so the head of the trip backtracked, and relocated to Big Bend National Park outside of Austin, TX. So, we drove there, canoed the Rio Grande for about a day and a half (on which excursion, I got a terrible sun burn on my legs, neck, ears, and hands) then we went to Enchanted Rocks, I believe was the name of the place, to rock climb. It was a lot of fun, even though I got a little sickness halfway into the trip.

We came back, and the group who had gone, minus the head leader and one of the other members, went out to a local bar called On the Rocks. (Just to clarify, I did not drink. I don't like alcoholic beverages, plus I was the designated driver.) It was karaoke night, and they sang a bunch of songs. Through much persuasion, they managed to get me up on stage to sing, and my few minutes on the mic was the best of the whole night (As told me by the DJ and one of the head bartenders). However, at closing time, my friends and I were about to leave, and this random drunk guy comes up to me, for no reason, and punches me twice. A fight did not erupt, thankfully, and I diffused the situation very quickly by simply telling the guy to stop. Needless to say, my friends and I got out of there quickly.

So, a lot of excitement has happened the passed couple of weeks on my end. X3;; Now, I've said a lot, how have you all been? :D What have you all been up to, and also, any plans for the upcoming Easter season?
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I used to be a member of dA for quite some time. Had six years under my belt, but I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere. Upon realizing this, I left, and deleted my old account. It needed to go and I needed to take a step back from here, because while I had made some of the most lovely and excellent friends, I did make some enemies. But, now that I've let that lie for a bit, I've decided to come back.


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